Aquário Natural / Baía Bonita (7 km)

FLOATING: After mask use training and snorkel in the pool and small trail in the woods, one comes to the nascent "Natural Aquarius", full of multicolored fish of different species, which starts the shallow dive, with dinghy, clothing and sandal neoprene mask and snorkel; after new forest trail, bathing in the Rio Formoso waterfalls, with suspension bridge, reel and aquajump (trampoline).

Low Season: R$ 170 - above 60 years: R$ 150 
High Season: R$ 190 - above 60 years: R$ 170 
Children under 12 accompanied by parent or guardian only pay the guide value (R$ 19 R$ 17 high low)

Approximate duration: 3:00 hours
Our tip: Those who do not practice mask and snorkel use should first do this fluctuation due to the support boat, accompanying the group all the way flotation. Excellent infrastructure with magnificent architecture.

Rio da Prata (Jardim, 51 km)

Walking trail - about an hour - in riparian forest to the spring of the Olho D´Água river. Fluctuation in the east and along the same river without support boat - about an hour and a half. Mask, snorkel, neoprene clothing and boots included in the price.

What to bring: Swimsuit 
Low Season: R$ 142 
High Season: R$ 176 
Lunch: R$ 46 
Horse riding: R$ 60 
Approximate duration: Full day 
Our tip: unforgettable ride fluctuation. Minimum age for 6 years and rising to the fluctuation eight years, provided they are accompanied responsibly. 
Optional tours to do the same day: Lagoa Misteriosa or Buraco das Araras.
From 01/01/2016 
Low Season: R$ 156 
High Season: R$ 192 
Lunch: R$ 48 
Horse riding: R$ 60

Nascente Azul (29 km)

Small trail to the spring of crystal clear water with beautiful underwater vegetation and varied fish. 300m floating in a soft down of current.

- Bring swimsuit and towel. Price includes equipment.

- Price (valid until 12/15/14):

Day use - flotation and Lake Chapel - Season: R$ 168; Children (6-11) and over 60 R$ 153

Day use - floating and side chapel - Low season: R$ 136; Children (6-11) and over 60 R$ 121

- Lunch R$ 36

Visit to Lake Chapel - Season R$ 35; Children (6-11) and over 60 R$ 25;

Visit to Lake Chapel - Low season R$ 30; Children (6-11) and over 60 R$ 20.

- Duration period: half day or full day

- Wide range of attractions for all ages; the source is a stunning beauty; the maximum fluctuation of 8 people at a time.

* Children under 12 accompanied by parents only pay for the guide (R$ 19 R$ 17 high and low)

Rio Sucuri (20 km)

Small trail to the crystal clear spring with beautiful underwater fish and varied vegetation. Floating 2 km in a soft down of current, with support boat. Receptive with pool.

What to bring: bathing suit and towel. Vest, mask and snorkel included.
Fluctuation Low Season: R$156 - over 65 years R$142

Fluctuation High Season: R$182 - over 65 years R$165

To visit only the spring: R$ 55 * Horseback Riding: R$ 57 * Cycling: R$ 57 * Lunch: R$ 36 *ATV R$135.00 * ATV Ride R$ 65
Approximate duration: Half day or full day
Our tip: Wide range of attractions for all ages; the source is a stunning beauty; the fluctuation, up to 8 people at a time.

Barra do Sucuri (17 km)

Sucuri River rising in rowboat about 1.300m to floating deck where the fluctuation starts in a soft down of current, with support boat. They have no food service.

What to bring: swimsuit and towel. Price includes equipment. 
Price: Low season: R$ 125 - Season: R$ 145 - Children under 5: Free 
Approximate time: noon 
Our tip: You must row to win the current of the river. The source of the Rio Sucuri is not available for this tour.