Parque das Cachoeiras (18 km)

Hiking trail in the gallery forest of Mimoso River; contemplation and bath in several waterfalls rich in limestone formations. It has gazebo, hammocks and reel.

What to bring: swimsuit, towel and tennis. 
Low Season: R$ 89 - Children (6-11): R$ 70 
High Season: R$ 105 - Children (6-11): R$ 80 
Lunch: R$ 35 
Approximate duration: Half day 
Our tip: Good infrastructure; regional cuisine; after heavy rains the water can cloud.
From 01/01/2016 
Low Season: R$ 100 - Children (6-11): R$ 80 
High Season: R$ 120 - Children (6-11): R$ 90 
Lunch: R$ 40

Rio do Peixe Waterfalls (35 km)

Track about 2 hours, passing by several waterfalls, natural pools and small submerged caves. After the famous breakfast prepared by the owner of the farm, tour of waterfalls on the River Pottery.

What to bring: swimsuit, towel, hat, shoes and repellent. 
Low season (with breakfast): R$ 178Crianças (6-12) R$ 145 
High season (with breakfast): R$ 195Crianças (6-12) R$ 165 
Approximate duration: Full day 
Our tip: One of the sets of waterfalls and most beautiful travertine of the region; the turbid river after heavy rains.

Boca da Onça (Bodoquena, 55 km)

Trail through the riparian forest with stops at various viewpoints along the waterfalls. The trail ends at the highest waterfall in the state (156 meters). On the way back, lunch at the headquarters: game room, swimming pools with fish and whirlpool.

What to bring: shoes, hat, insect repellent and swimwear 
Children under 06 years: free 

Low season:

Track: R$ 183 Children (7-11): R$ 145 
Day use without track: R$ 145 Children (7-11): R$ 145 
Rappelling: R$ 399 

High season:

Trillion to: R$ 217 Children (7-11): R$ 174 
Day use without track: R$ 174 Children (7-11): R$ 174 
Rappelling: R$ 460 
Approximate duration: Full day 
Our tip: Long Trail, very well implemented; Return to the possibility headquarters in bib vehicle. Excellent infrastructure.

Estância Mimosa (24 km)

Hiking trail in the gallery forest of Mimoso River; contemplation and bath in several waterfalls rich in limestone formations.

What to bring: swimsuit, towel and tennis; Horse take long pants and closed shoes.
Low Season: R$ 85 - Children (6-11): R$ 71 
High Season: R$ 103 - Children (6-11): R$ 87 
Lunch: R$ 42 
Horse riding: R$ 60 
Aproximate Duration: Half day 
Our tip: Good infrastructure with several hypotheses trails, appropriate for all; after heavy rains the water can muddy. 
From 01/01/2016 
Low Season: R$ 92 - Children (6-11): R$ 72 
High Season: R$ 112 - Children (6-11): R$ 92 
Lunch: R$ 48 
Horse riding: R$ 60

Ceita Corê Farm (40 km)

Walk in various types of riparian forest over several waterfalls; homemade breakfast (included in price), made in wood-burning stove at the headquarters of a beautiful farm with good area for leisure. Pool of running water, lake and spring.

What to bring: swimsuit, tennis, towel and insect repellent. 
Low season: R$ 145- Children (6-12) R$ 94 
Season: R$ 165- Children (6-12) R$ 103 
Approximate duration: Full day 
Our tip: Beautiful headquarters Farm, facing a lake and beautiful horses race mangalarga.