Rotta Zagaia - ATV - 3 km

Adventure with quads, following a trail through the woods Hotel Zagaia with various obstacles. It includes helmet.

What to bring: Required tennis use. 
Approximate time: 50 minutes.

CROSS 150 cc: R $ 100 
FOUR TRACKS 420 cc R$ 125; Croup WITH R$ 170
Our tip: Children over 09 years are subject to a prior evaluation before being able to drive the ATV. Children under 8 do not pay on the back. Usually very dirty ride clothing and shoes. 

Porto da Ilha - 12 km

Is traveled in rubber boats, an 8 km course, to Padre Island, passing several waterfalls and rapids. In River banks can sight up various animals;

What to bring: swimsuit, shirt, towel, hat, insect repellent and sunscreen.
Price: R$ 99 Children (05-11): R$ 90 
Approximate duration: Half day 
Our tip: Sometimes a boat tourists play water in the other boats; usually there stop on our route for swimming; let your clothes and shoes in the car. 
Forbidden ride for children under 05 years and pregnant women.
From 01/01/2016 
Price: R$ 110 Child (05-11): R$ 90

Rappel Boca da Onça - Bodoquena, 55 km

Negative 90 meters high, rappelling in Boca da Onça provides a breathtaking view of the canyon of Brackish river and the impressive limestone cliffs. The metallic structure which begins the rappelling forward 15 meters over the cliff next to the waterfall mouth of the jaguar, the largest in the state (156 meters).On the way back, lunch at the headquarters: game room, swimming pools with fish and whirlpool.

What to bring: long pants, shirt, shoes with socks and repellent.
Low season: R$ 399 
Season: R$ 460 

Canopy Cabanas - 7 km

Tree climbing activity with various type of medium difficulty obstacles.

- Bring long pants, sneakers or boots, swimsuit and repellent

- Average duration: 1h30

- Price: Low season R$ 95 Children (6-11) R$ 76

 High Season R$ 112 Children (6-11) R$ 83

* Weight: 120kg; minimum age 06 years

* Do not wear earrings, bracelets or chains.

Boia Cross Parque Ecológico Rio Formoso - 7km

10 minutes of track and descent of the Rio Formoso for about 45 minutes in special buoys; there are 1200 meters through 8 rapids.

What to bring: Swimsuit 
Low season Price: R$ 75 
Season price: R$ 80 
Approximate time: 1 hour 
Our tip: Not suitable for children under 5 years old when the river is too full 

Abismo Anhumas - Rappel - 22km

Deep vertical descent of 72 meters high, to a large crystal clear lake with cones submerged up to 16 meters high, where you can practice buoyancy and diving. In the dry part, several lounges and amazing speleothems.

What to bring: Swimsuit, pants, shirt with mango, tennis, half high, repellent, snacks and drinks.Food is not included in the price; 
Cost: Rappel: R$ 760 - Rappel and Diving: R$ 1,045 (requires credential) 
Approximate duration: Half day 
Our tip: Mandatory training and selection before the descent; It requires up good physical preparation; maximum 16 people per day.

Canopy Ibirá Pe - 8 Km

Circuit with 20 different activities. There are 18 obstacles and two zip lines, the latter being an aquatic Tyrolean.The tour is conducted with complete safety using a modern system of wagon with continuous cable life where the customer does not disconnect at any time during the obstacles.

What to bring: Long pants, sneakers or boots, swimsuit and repellent 


Low season: R$ 95

Season: R$ 109

Approximate time: 2 hours

Our tip: Do not wear earrings, bracelets or chains; maximum weight: 100 kg; minimum height: 1.20 meters.